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The work  of APL founder, Dr Meghan Manfra, has been featured in broacast television and the news. 

Teens, Social Media, and Fake News 

The phrase “fake news” was declared the official Collins Dictionary Word of the Year for 2017. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans visited a fake news site in the month leading up to the 2016 presidential election. With technology and social media becoming nearly a ubiquitous part of our children’s lives, what do parents and educators need to know to help students navigate this new media landscape?

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WNCT: Dr. Meghan Manfra's comments on the Social Studies Curriculum Revisions

Members from North Carolina’s Board of Education proposed changes to the state’s social studies curriculum. However, there’s a debate between education leaders on whether or not these changes are anti-American.  The proposed changes were formed to create a more inclusive curriculum in grades K-12. Members from the board debated the changes on Wednesday morning. Some say they went against American values. 

Other members, who favored the changes, say they provide a better understanding of American history. Dr. Meghan Manfra, a professor at North Carolina State University and a researcher in educational studies, says social studies curriculums are always evolving. 


Parenting in a pandemic: Where can I turn for reliable news? with the Museum of Life Sciences

The Pandemic changed all of our live and brought into stark relief the need for reliable information. In this video, Dr Meghan Manfra joins a panel of experts offering advice about how to navigate the complex information landscape. 

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The work  of APL founder, Dr Meghan Manfra, has been featured in broacast television and the news. 

Teaching Inquiry & Action Research with Dr. Manfra  

In this episode of the Action Research Podcast, Dr Meghan Manfra answers questions suches as: What does action research look like in education? What has been the greatest challenge for you using AR in your research? Why is it important for teacher professional development? 

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Computational Thinking in Social Studies with Drs Meghan Manfra, Tom Hammond, and Robert Coven

In episode 188, Dan and Michael chat with Meghan Manfra, Tom Hammond, and Robert Coven about their study published in Theory & Research in Social Education, “ Assessing computational thinking in the social studies.”

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A Conversation with Dr. Meghan Manfra about Action Research

In Episode 7 of the Action Research: Global Conversations podcast Dr Meghan Manfra describes her work integrating action research into professional learning programs. 

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