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Podcast Episodes

Enjoy these podcast episodes featuring the work of APL's founder, Meghan Manfra, and the team.

Teaching Inquiry & Action Research with Dr. Manfra  

In this episode of the Action Research Podcast, Dr Meghan Manfra answers questions suches as: What does action research look like in education? What has been the greatest challenge for you using AR in your research? Why is it important for teacher professional development? 

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Computational Thinking in Social Studies with Drs Meghan Manfra, Tom Hammond, and Robert Coven

In episode 188, Dan and Michael chat with Meghan Manfra, Tom Hammond, and Robert Coven about their study published in Theory & Research in Social Education, “ Assessing computational thinking in the social studies.”

visions of edu podcast.jpg

A Conversation with Dr. Meghan Manfra about Action Research

In Episode 7 of the Action Research: Global Conversations podcast Dr Meghan Manfra describes her work integrating action research into professional learning programs. 

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