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How do you know you're making a difference?

What is Action in Professional Learning?

Does your organization need to revisit its mission and vision?

Can you see a gap between what you hope your group can accomplish and what it currently is achieving?

Do you need to provide evidence that your program is making a difference?

That's where APL comes in. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here. 

We collaborate with you to improve your programs, based on your unique needs. We will begin with a process of systematic and intentional reflection to clarify your values and identify your goals. We will develop a step-by-step strategic plan and/or professional development program for you and your organization.  If you are seeking support for a deeper evaluation of your programs, we will design a customized mixed methods evaluation plan for you.


Going through the process of systematic and intentional reflection will result in stronger programs and improved outcomes required by your funding agency and your stakeholders

Professional Action.

Classroom Lecture



To help you assess the extent to which you are meeting your goals and to engage in continous improvement, we develop a research and evaluation plan that includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. 

[Research + Evaluation]


We work with you to conduct a needs assessment to identify gaps between your desired outcomes and what you currently achieve.

We can also help you develop a strategic plan to meet your goals 3, 5, and 10+ years into the future. 

[Needs Assessment + Strategic Planning]

[Professional Development Programming]



We implement and deliver engaging professional development and training - virtually or in-person - to help you meet the goals of your organization.

We use hands-on learning techniques and respond to the unique needs of your group. 

[Professional Development + Training]


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Free Download - Chapter 1

Action Research in Contemporary Contexts

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